self esteem

Some points that I got in a self esteem power up session:

* you honoured your sorrow, but do not drown in it.

* choice points are where u decide to stop the sorrow and move on. Do so by choosing to forgive yourself, choose to feel better, choose to self affirmed instead from others.

* Feel the difference between believes and thoughts. Be careful with your thoughts as it will turn into your believes.

* To have self esteem, one must let go the negative thoughts. To start with, start with a new thoughts.

* When we lose self awareness, people lose control and also lose focus.

* What is success mean to you? If it doesn’t mean a lot to you, then how can u be success and what’s the point to be success?

* if you don’t love yourself no one will loves u. Believe yourself, believe that you can change yourself for a better you.

* Get help when u need one.

* meet new people, be a new person. Change the way you do things. Repeating the same way we do things, you can’t expect to have new results.

Well. Some notes to share.


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