chap goh meh

today, it’s the last 15th day of CNY, remember i told you that Muslim celebrate their raya for a month? we Chinese celebrate our new year for 15 days.

in hokkien, we call this 15th day as chap goh meh, which mean the 15th night. Chap goh meh is also a chinese valentine’s day.. some of the places will have the activity of throwing “kam” (mandarin oranges).

it was told that the single ladies will throw the “kam” into the river, where the single men will go catch the kam from the down stream. that’s how the couple being matched.

fire works non stop outside my balcony now. matching with the night blinking lights scene, and the cool after rain breeze, standing at the balcony enjoying the night view become so… calm and nice. happy chap goh meh, happy valentine’s day.


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