was chatting with a friend recently.. and i was teasing him on the things that he has done before and he replied me: “the history is coming back  to haunt…. ” 

haha.. it’s funny huh.. 🙂  but that’s the fact too. lots of time, eventhough we are trying to be very careful, not to damage the situation, object, not to hurt people, not to cause any inconveniences, yet still, human cant escape from doing inappropriate things at times.

i guess, what matters the most is, what do we do to salvage the situation from turning worst ? or even, i can say, what should we not do, to salvage the situation?

but as i replied him, what done cannot be undone.

just accept the fact and bare the consequences ( in this case, me keep on teasing him for the many years to come… 🙂 )

wish you well, ay.

ps: it’s ok ay, i don blame you.. was just pulling your legs…


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