you are testing my patient, arent you?

i accidentally loosen the hose adaptor of my washing machine this morning.
and when i put it back, eh? it leaks.
so, i took it out again, took out all the screw drivers and all the tool, and put it back again. then adaptor is now like a fountain, you can see the water splashing out !
so, almost the whole afternoon, i am taking it out, and screw it back, screw, unscrew, screw, unscrew.
FxxK! it’s still a little fountain.
so sick and tired with it.

you are testing my patient, arent you?
ok, i am just going to let you leak, FOR NOW!

put a pail down you, i still am going to wash my rag!


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  1. ringingear
    Dec 29, 2008 @ 17:51:17

    Hello my old friend 🙂
    Found out that there’s some feeling of frustration and sort of 惆怅感 in your blog entry 🙂 Something bothering you lately ? New year is around the corner so keep your chin up ya ~_~

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