you are testing my patient, arent you?

i accidentally loosen the hose adaptor of my washing machine this morning.
and when i put it back, eh? it leaks.
so, i took it out again, took out all the screw drivers and all the tool, and put it back again. then adaptor is now like a fountain, you can see the water splashing out !
so, almost the whole afternoon, i am taking it out, and screw it back, screw, unscrew, screw, unscrew.
FxxK! it’s still a little fountain.
so sick and tired with it.

you are testing my patient, arent you?
ok, i am just going to let you leak, FOR NOW!

put a pail down you, i still am going to wash my rag!



从星期一开始,拿了“方块” 假期.(block leave). 今天是我假期的最后一天。以为,能好好的休息。以为能充电。以为能收拾。





初时写帖子,原本着是一个空间,让我出气,感激,分享开心。 这是一个很好很棒的一个空间来抒发情感。这是好处。

但,有些东西,是私隐。很烦恼。想渲发情绪,但又不能写下。很矛盾。 这就是所谓的难隐之处吧。




朋友的tagline写着: 什么是爱?爱是痛苦的?爱是幸福的?加油吧!





some art print of mine.


今天,终于有了少少的悠哉游哉的感觉。因为,在service了我的车后,到附近的商场去闲荡。荡着, 荡着, 毫无目的的荡着。

hand bouquet, any one?

a very talented friend of mine, ( or i should say my friend OCK’s young and lovely wife – a talented couple) just started a blog.
the husband is interested in photographing ( and he said he will post his photos in Lin’s blog soon) . where the wife Lin, is artistic. she love paintings, and i heard gardening as well.
the most important thing i want to say here is, she has another talent, which is making nice and pretty hand bouquet.

you might not be able to see her bouquet as yet, as she only posted one of her creation, where she used it as her wedding hand bouquet in Oct 2008.

i am sure she will post more and more of her creation soon in her blog.

If you want to have something special as your hand bouquet during your engagement day, or wedding day, please feel free to contact her at:

here you are, her blog ULR.:

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