fly. cruise. taiwan. japan.

am back, from a “fly, then cruise” experience. we flown to taiwan, then cruised to japan, and back to taiwan to fly back.  this trip we have not enough tour manager, so, myself have to be one to coordinate and arrange when necessary.

our initial place is taipei. went to shih lin night market 士林夜市,when first touch down. ate lots of things. 炸臭豆腐,猪血汤,花枝庚,呵仔面线。。。

been to a few museums like 故宫,蒋介石纪念馆。。after that to si men ting 西门町。din manage to buy anything, just bought some snacks 卤鸭舌,脆小肠,鸡胗,to kill the time before we board to the cruise. then we moved to keelung’s port 基隆港口. depart from there, on super libra.

super libra is not a huge cruise. so, we can feel the sway when the weather is not too good. however the food and services in the cruise is good. so, it balances up the feeling. then land in ishigaki, on the second day of the cruise. a pretty, good nature island. the sea is so clean and blue, where no pollution of even one factory. the place is famous for the sea salt and also the black pearl. the air is just beautiful. however, the weather is sooooooooooooo hot. we sweated like just came out from the water.. 🙂

then we cruised back to keelong’s miao kou. 庙口。the best destination of that trip. lots of good food. hmmm.. yummy yummy.

i think if there are chances in the future, i will go back to taiwan again..


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