recipe – home made glutinous rice wine

  • 1 kg glutinous rice
  • water
  • one big air tight jar
  • 1 bottle of pure rice wine
  • 2 pieces of wine cracker

First, measure how many glasses of glutinous rice in one kg. if it’s 7 glasses, then use the same glass to add in the same cups of water. ratio = 1:1. then cook the glutinous rice in the rice cooker.

when the rice is cooked, put the rice to cold. smashed the 2 pieces of wine cracker to powder. make sure the jar is aired dry.

when the rice is cold, the cracker is powdered, jar is clean and dry, then we can start layering between the rice and the powder in the jar. starting the layer with the powder, then the rice then powder, then the rice…….

once done, close the jar tightly and put the jar in a cabinet. do not open, do not peek.. 🙂

after 3 days. take the jar out, open it, and pour the whole bottle of pure rice wine in the jar. pour slowly and patiently. finish the whole bottle of wine.

once done, twist the jar tightly, and we will leave the jar in the cabinet for another 100 days. this 100 days is very important for the rice to ferment.

be patient, do not open or peek the jar. not even once.

when it’s 100 days, take the jar out, prepare a few bottles. seize the glutinous rice wine from the jar to these bottle. take note. do not press in the seize, so that the wine will remain clear. we dont want the wine become cloudy.. 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beatriz Orviz Theodosius
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 07:05:30

    it´s very difference from all the recipes i got from the other blogs i might try it one day when i have pure rice wine.
    Some recipes say from the first day it has to be stirred daily and close the lid loosely and others say close tightly. they make me confused. While your say without peeping and let alone 100 day. Wouldn´t it explode? Didn´t you soak the rice some hours?

  2. sansan
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 21:49:29

    from what we know, it’s to close the lid tightly. 🙂
    understand that the fermentation will have some chemistry reaction, however, that’s how we done it. no explosion before at all.. :p

    have you tried doing it?

  3. shirley
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 17:23:29

    why 100 days, some a month?What make the wine sour sometimes.

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