finally a small break in the busy schedule

hmm.. waited waited and waited. finally the short break is here!! yeah~~.

when to Ipoh monday afternoon with bosses. attending one function of our northern region. it ended on about 11pm. then, some more go makan. got home about 3 in the morning… yes. morning. 3 o’clock. 🙂 luckily i am not the one who were driving..

so today, went in a little late to the office. rushed and settled some issues, and there goes the whole day. although tired, but am happy, as the break is approaching. ( by now it’s already here)

however, gotta work again on sunday… then, will be busy busy with our sales drive. by end of oct, i will be away to taiwan/japan for 5 days. it sound nice huh. 🙂 it’s a working trip as well.. haha..

hopefully, things will go on smoothly for this coming few months, so that our year can end gracefully and victoriously. 🙂 amithaba.


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