from yellow to green

noted that digi is running a environment friendly campaign call: Deep Green Now Nurturing Our world.

to be very frank, i am a digi network user but am not very happy with their network service performances however i have to use it without any choice as it’s company’s line.

however, one thing that i cant deny is, digi company is a very creative company. they have launched the mascot several years ago and concur the market recently. the ” hou wong, hou wong hou gan yew wong” ( very prosperous, very prosperous, very very prosperous) slogan is well known to whole malaysia.

and now, they are doing another good thing that i like and impress with.

according to their CEO, Johan Dennelind, they would like to reduce 50%  carbon dioxide produced from their company by 3 to 4 years. also, they have done several actions to during this campaign.

  • encourage e-billing
  • change partial digi services to on line services
  • get professional to delivers seminars to digi’s staff ( apparently, after the session, one of the staff manage to reduce their monthly family electricity bill from RM400 plus to RM200 plus by changing the old air cond to the power saving air cond)
  • encourage “car pool” – only the car-pool’s vehicle will be allowed to park at their limited designated covered car park. provide free car wash services to those car poolers only
  • change old electrical items, systems air conds and all to a new power saving and higher performance one in the office.
  • reduce the usage of sir cond in their office with the condition of not affecting staff’s performances
  • search for different ways of doing promotions, by changing from indoor aircond to outdoor open air.

etc etc…

good one digi! keep it up!


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