roaches trap

recently noted that there are some signs of small cockroaches in my kitchen, so i went to supermarket to buy a box of roaches trap. it consists of 5 traps in a box.

the roaches trap come with baits too. so, put the baits in the sticky trap and leave it to where you think roaches will mostly appear and that’s it. u cant see the results soon. it will take 5 yo 6 weeks at least to see the result. (according to what the instruction on the box)

i have put it on last sunday, so let’s wait and see if it’s effective.

by the way, when i goggled, i found that here is another environment friendly way to make effective roaches trap, which is using used coffee powder. it’s pretty easy. use a pickle jar, put in an inch of used coffee powder, and add in some water to cover the powder, then, left the trap by the corner of the room, tilt the jar and lean towards the wall. apparently, the roaches will be attracted by the coffee aroma and then being drowned. from time to time, just need to pour away and repeat the steps.

another improved version is: use the same big jar, fill it with quarter of water. then get another reuse-able wine plastic cup, fill it with damp used coffee powder, the put the wine glass in the jar, then tilt the jar and lean it against the wall. from time to time, you only need to change the water which filled with drown roaches, and add in a bit of coffee powder and add some water to damp the coffee powder again..


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  1. Amos
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 11:47:01

    I agree with most of the things you said. The things we differ on are minor points. Thank you for this post.:Buggin Out

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