need tips on how to have extra money..

well, of course, i am saying about those legal one eh. 🙂

besides to be more thrifty and more conscious on my spending, is there any other way to have extra money?

one of the way i can think of is to rent off one room in my 3 rooms condo. so, once i have got the bed and some simple furniture pieces in that room, i will put up the notice soon.

It’s in Sri Putramas 1. Kuala Lumpur. it’s less than 5km to KL city centre. room will be furnished. so, if you are interested, please drop me an email. i will contact you. 🙂 ( prefer female tenant. 🙂 sorry guys.. )

oh, ok. i know i have side tracked my topic. really people, if you know any tips or ways to have extra income, please also share your success story with me. ( strictly no direct selling concept, k)

ps: money is so important. even if you are on biz trips, some country will still need you to proof that you have “enough” money in your bank account in order to approve your visa application. what the XXXX~~~%$&%$&#%$#


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