ya i know

ya i know. i have not been blogging. sorry to all the readers that checked out my weblog constantly.

i have been very busy. with work. also, i have not been entirely healthy. the cough and the sore throat really makes me tired and weak due to unable to rest properly. i have been coughing for almost 3 weeks.. sigh.

arrrghhh.. do not like this feeling. cough cough, please go away!

october and november are gonna be very very busy month, as our last and the most important sales drive in the year is starting soon.

so, the coming monday and tuesday will be busy for me to lobby and do preparation before the drive. so really looking forward to have a good good rest, before the busy 8 weeks! (luckliy raya break is approaching.. )

however tomorrow, got to attend a work night function. next sunday also have a working function to attend….

want to rest! want to rest! need to rest!


tony fernandes’s blog

hey people, just got to know that tony fernandes have just started a blog recently.

it’s good that he can write to inspire and share knowledge and point of view with all the readers.

it’s amazing to see so many people leave comments in his posts too.

here you are, his blog’s link: http://www.tonyfernandesblog.com/main.php

recipe – saltish rice

  • cabbage/long bean/ yam/ pumpkin ( u can opt for any one of them, slice or dice the ingredients )
  • rice
  • dried shrimps
  • soya suace, salt
  • garlic (chopped)

it’s actually pretty simple. rinse the rice. heat some oil in ur wok. then, put in garlic, dried shrimps, and the ingredients ( choose only one from: cabbage/long bean/ yam/ pumpkin ) stir fry it briefly for about 3 to 5 minutes. then, add in the uncooked rice and stir fry for another 3 to 5 minutes. ( it’s ok even if the ingredient dont seems cooked, as we will need to further cook it later.)

take out the all the ingredients and put in the rice cooker. add sufficient water ( same as the amount of rice. example: 2 cups of rice, add 2 cups of water )

that’s it. normally we will have the rice with some cut chillies.. 🙂

email conversation between myself and Kieran

as i mentioned in my previous post on what i have in my balcony, Kieran have provided myself some information, that i wish to share with others.

so, am gonna post our emails here:


Hi sansan,

I hope you do proceed with your idea about growing vegetables on your balcony.

I started out in hydroponics last year. My apartment has decent sized
bay windows but no balcony and as they face west, north-west and don’t
receive (as I discovered) sufficient direct sunlight, I had to use
artificial lighting. I currently use just two 65W CFLs (compact
fluorescent lamps).

My blog is called High-Rise Hydro
(http://highrisehydro.wordpress.com/). I’ve got a bit of catching up
to do as I had a nice crop of three loose leaf lettuces from which I
harvested leaves nearly ten times. The outer leaves can be pinched off
when large enough and the lettuce just grows new leaves to replace
them 🙂 I have spearmint that is growing well and two pot-plant
tomatoes, although I’ll be planting a determinate variety of tomatoes
called ‘Small Fry’ and A-Choy in the near future.

I just revisited the AutoPot Malaysia website
(http://www.autopot.com.my/) and it loaded fine for me but in case you
have problems again I’ve noted their contact details below (but I
can’t vouch for them).

Malaysian distributor of AutoPot Systems (http://www.autopot.com.au/):
Capillary AgroTech (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
IRIS Smart Technology Complex,
Technology Park Malaysia,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-89960788 ext 1411
Fax: 03-89960441
E-mail: agrotech@tm.net.my

I visited the Eden Project in the UK a few months ago and they had a
very similar AutoPot system which is made by a competing company
(http://www.autopot.co.uk/). I’m tempted to buy their AQUAvalve but
for now I’ll continue with my DIY wick system (for tomatoes, herbs
etc.) and deep water culture (DWC) system (for leafy veg).

There actually is quite a bit of info. on hydroponics on the web but
let me know if you need any links.

With best regards,

———[ Received Mail Content ]———-
Subject : thanks for your comment
Date : Wed, 17 Sep 2008 12:04:39 +0000
From : susansstan

DEar Kieran, thanks for your comments. however, i don seems able to
log in autopot website despite several trial.
probably it’s due to my poor network.
i will try to check it out soon.
would it be ok if i write to you more if i need further information
after i check out the website?

ps: i don seems able to find ur weblog. do yo have one? mind to share with me?

lack of information

I went to two big plants nursery near OUG today. trying to see if i can get any information or buy any minerals, so that i can at least have a start for my hydroponic plan.

however, there were nothing found in that two big nurseries. no minerals, no capillary container, no thing, no information.

so, i went straight to popular book shop, hoping to at least find some information or books about how to DIY on hydroponic. and guess what? no books were found!

arrrggghhhh!!!! am thirsty. thirsty of information!!!!

he is not performing

just now, lee chong wei lost the game again in the super yonex game in japan. he is not performing entirely in the game.

what’s wrong with him? am not sure. our world ranking number 1 player, please do not let us down again…



尝试了吃中药,药粉,药丸。有要好的迹象。但,也没有好转的。。 总之,手尾很长。烦哪!

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