recipe – braised chicken with bitter gourd

  • chicken cutlets
  • bitter gourd cut into strips
  • garlics
  • shallots
  • soya sauce, oysters sauce, thick soya sauce

first fried the garlics and shallots in a little hot oil in a pot. fried till golden and until you can smell the aroma of shallots & garlics. then, put in the chicken cutlet to fry together. pls do not put in too much oil as the chicken will hv it’s own fat. trim the skin off if you want to.

fry the chicken till the chicken are golden. then, add the soya sauce, oyster sauce and thick soya sauce in, to taste and to the colour you think it’s suitable. stir fry for a minute or two, then add in the bitter gourd strips. stir fried for another two to three minutes.

then, add in water to cover the chicken, bring the water to boil, then lower down the fire. cover the pot lid. shimmer and braise till the sauce is thicken and become gravy. serve it wth rice, or even spaghati or noodle.. emm.. nice..


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