recipe – simple salad

this is what i like to do when i feel like eating lots of vege or whenever i am lazy. it’s simple and easy, yet, i like it.


  • cucumber ( or preferably japanese cucumber) – sliced
  • carrot – sliced
  • capsicum – sliced
  • red onion – little cube
  • cherry tomato, or big tomato, cubed
  • mayo and soya sauce

the above are quite standard for me. most of the time if i make salad, my basic ingredient will be almost similar like above. you can add more if you want to, or you can even make it lesser. so, it’s free and easy.

what makes the salad different are below ingredients. u can choose one to go along with basic ingredients above.

  • hard boil egg  – This is easy. just mashed the hard boil egg and mix it all together
  • canned tuna cube – not difficult as well. so, no need to tell. you know what to do.
  • fried burger patty  – you can use your own homemade burger patty, or you can buy from the market. fried it to golden and crispy, cut it to cutlet, the mix with the basic.
  • fried bacon – same like patty, fried to crisp, the mix it with basic
  • smoked ham ( chicken or turkey) – cut to small squares and mix with basic.

that’s it. you can try it out. maybe we can improve it with your comments.


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