why? why?

  • why people can just leave the water running and they walk away?
  • why the rubbish can be thrown from the car, while the car is moving on the road?
  • why, instead of throwing rubbish into the bin, they like to throw it outside the bin?
  • why when the light is green for the pedastrian, drivers will still moving fast and not stopping?
  • why instead of waiting for thier queue they will just walk pass everyone and become the first one?


why? why? cannot understand…


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  1. Annabel
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 07:58:18

    I feel that people forget what gives them life and maintains their life. They only come face to face with how small they are, once an earthquake has taken their lifestyle and sadly a loved one. Or when there is a Tsunami, or when the snow doesn’t stop.

    We have a complete disrespect to all the things we can not live without: dirt for food, water for food and ourselves and air.

    Whether we wake up or not, it really doesn’t matter. Mother Earth will always balance herself out with or without us. So question is, what side will we choose?

    Will you take the bus/train to work?
    Will you start buying only organic Toxin free washing and cleaning products?
    Will you stop buying small water bottles, instead of just using one for yourself?

    What daily steps will we take?

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