recipe – bitter gourd omelette and fried cabbage

today’s recipe, is 2 simple chinese cooking.

  1. Bitter gourd Omelette
  • Bitter Gourd – cleaned, sliced into pieces
  • garlic clove – peeled, coursely chopped
  • eggs – slightly beat
  • salt

This is a very very easy and simple dish to do, especially if you like the bitterness of bitter gourd, you will like this. once the bitter gourd is cleaned and sliced, sprinkle salt on it. leave it for use later. then, heat the oil. ( not too much of oil. just enough to wet the surface of the wok. put in the garlic and the bitter gourd. stir fried for about 5 minutes, ( to do away the rawness). then, pour the eggs in. fried it till dry and that’s it.

      2. Fried cabbage with dried shrimp

  • cabbage
  • dried shrimps
  • garlic
  • dried scallops ( optional)
  • soya sauce

heat the wok, with some oil. then, put in the garlic, dried shrimp, and dried scallops in. stir and wait till it become golden brown then pour in the cabbage. stir fried  it for 3 mins, dazzle some soya sauce in. be careful, as the dried shrimp and scallop taste saltish. if u like it crispy and crunchy, then take it out, that’s it. but if u like it soft, add in some water, then cover the wok, shimmer for 3 mins and it’s ready to be served.


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