recipe – burger patty & meat balls

i am thinking to write down some of my own recipe here as well. so, this will be the first recipe in my blog.

  • minced pork meat – mixture between fatty meat and lean meat 
  • potato – boiled, peeled and mashed
  • red onion – peeled, cut in little cubes
  • shrimp – peeled and minced
  • salt, pepper and soya sauce to taste

the ratio of the meat vs mashed potato vs shrimp is 2:1:0.5. as for onion, normally i will use1 big onion. ( it’s purely up to you, if u like it more, u add. if not, u can just leave the onion out). mix all the ingredients together. season it with light soya sauce, a little salt and pepper.

that’s it. you can then fix the mixtures to balls, or to the shape of patty. if u have kids at home, u can do it to whatever shape you think it’s interesting.

then, u can fried the patty for the hamburgers.

as for the balls, u can either fried it, serve it like that or after fried, you can put some sweet and sour gravy on it, or, take a pot, boil some water, put in carrots, big onion, radish, soya sauce, oyster sauce and one whole red chillie to boil, then put the balls in the pot to boil together. lower the fire and shimmer it till carrots, raddish and onion are soft. then thicken the gravy.

tadah.. that’s it.  anyway, gravy is up to you what you like. mix and match. u will make a new dishes with different sauces.


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