so near yet so far 这么近,那么远。

have you heard jackie cheong’s song call “so near yet so far” in cantonese?

this is the song that we are singing towards our badminton game in beijing olympic yesterday. lee chong wei, he is the only hope for malaysia to get the first ever gold medal in olympic! however, yesterday’s game was quite an ugly looking game. 

malaysia have lost the gold medal, by 12-21, and 8-21.  anyway, please do not scold lee, as there are nothing wrong with lee’s skill. it’s the environment pressure that he had during the game. we can see that he is very nervous in the whole game. he tried. yes. he tried. just the luck is not at his side. Lin dan was doing well. he is fast, sharp, and yes, with the moral support and cheering, he become more and more confident.

yes. malaysia lost the game. byebye gold medal. but please remember we still got the first ever man single silver medal eh.

Well done Lee Chong Wei!


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