gals night out – marilyn, byebye

went for a gal’s night out, a farewell gathering for marilyn a few days ago. she is going to vienna by end this august, to further her study after many many years of being a piano & violin teacher.. ( yes, my friend have class.. 🙂 )

we met up in a vietnam restaurant at bangsar. the restaurant call….. errr….. cannot remember.. ;p

anyway, although it was just a couple of hours meet, we gals as usual had a good time and laughed our heart out. it have been quite some time we have not meet with marilyn. reason?? errr… complicated.. i better keep quiet about this… 🙂

i have not took any pictures on that night’s meal. ( too buzy chatting and laughing) but,

we had lotus seed hot tea as drinks, vietnam spring rolls, fish with dill and chicken salad as appetizer. then, duck porridge and beef horfan soup (noodle) as main course. last but not least caramelized pudding and vietnam homemade yogurt as dessert.

how was the food? okok lo.

see below, it’s one of the pretty pictures of us, 4 asian beauties.. 🙂


in the picture: Fong (left -back), Me (left – front), Marilyn (right – back), Faye (right-front)


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