hydroponic planting

since i saw some advertisements on tv on hydroponic planting, i have tried to searched for more info. i want to do it at my balcony, to have some home grown vegetables..

for those not knowing what is hydroponic planting, hydroponic is a way to plant, without soil, just a casing, water and some minerals.

there are not many info after i goggled. so i tried look out at some plants nursery. apparently, hydroponic is not very popular yet in malaysia.

so, if you know anything about hydroponic, or you know where to get the utensils and materials for hydroponic in Malaysia, especially in KL, do provide me some info about it.

thanks.. 🙂




有的单身得痛苦,孤单。有的却很享受,自在。恐怕,享受得根本都不太愿意离开这单身的圈子。:) 我的其中一位好姐妹淘,工作成就是很不错。由于她处事认真,一心一意,根本没别的心机或机会去结识新朋友。工作繁忙的她,一有机会休息,也情愿在家好好休息。加上,在她想出去吃饭,看戏时,她又能找到另一班单身的姐妹淘聚聚。

我在想,如果,你们知道,有什么活动,是主办给单身男女参加的,请你跟我说说,好让我也拉拉他去,结识些新朋友。我所说的活动并不是那些dinner with eight, 或match making。无论如何,若有,请给我报报。谢谢。

Merdeka Malaysia~~

due to our national day Aug 31, fall on sunday, so, rakyat have a replacement off day on monday~~ yeah yeah.

can rest. can clean house. can watch tv series. can sleep late. can wake up late. yeah yeah~~

this year is already the 51st Independence day of malaysia. hope that malaysia will be stable economically, politically and environmentally.

happy birthday malaysia!

ps: malaysia 2009 budget will be announced soon. hopefully it will really cheer rakyat 🙂

Anwar won the by-election yesterday

yes, he did.

winning tickets by 15,761. so, anwar is the mp now.

happy? yes.

is it a good thing? dunno yet. will he become the pm in september? also not sure.

time will tell. let’s just wait and see.

recipe – braised chicken with bitter gourd

  • chicken cutlets
  • bitter gourd cut into strips
  • garlics
  • shallots
  • soya sauce, oysters sauce, thick soya sauce

first fried the garlics and shallots in a little hot oil in a pot. fried till golden and until you can smell the aroma of shallots & garlics. then, put in the chicken cutlet to fry together. pls do not put in too much oil as the chicken will hv it’s own fat. trim the skin off if you want to.

fry the chicken till the chicken are golden. then, add the soya sauce, oyster sauce and thick soya sauce in, to taste and to the colour you think it’s suitable. stir fry for a minute or two, then add in the bitter gourd strips. stir fried for another two to three minutes.

then, add in water to cover the chicken, bring the water to boil, then lower down the fire. cover the pot lid. shimmer and braise till the sauce is thicken and become gravy. serve it wth rice, or even spaghati or noodle.. emm.. nice..

recipe – simple salad

this is what i like to do when i feel like eating lots of vege or whenever i am lazy. it’s simple and easy, yet, i like it.


  • cucumber ( or preferably japanese cucumber) – sliced
  • carrot – sliced
  • capsicum – sliced
  • red onion – little cube
  • cherry tomato, or big tomato, cubed
  • mayo and soya sauce

the above are quite standard for me. most of the time if i make salad, my basic ingredient will be almost similar like above. you can add more if you want to, or you can even make it lesser. so, it’s free and easy.

what makes the salad different are below ingredients. u can choose one to go along with basic ingredients above.

  • hard boil egg  – This is easy. just mashed the hard boil egg and mix it all together
  • canned tuna cube – not difficult as well. so, no need to tell. you know what to do.
  • fried burger patty  – you can use your own homemade burger patty, or you can buy from the market. fried it to golden and crispy, cut it to cutlet, the mix with the basic.
  • fried bacon – same like patty, fried to crisp, the mix it with basic
  • smoked ham ( chicken or turkey) – cut to small squares and mix with basic.

that’s it. you can try it out. maybe we can improve it with your comments.

congratulations! baby baby

my secondary schoolmate joy have migrated to australia for some time. she got married 2 years ago during chinese new year.

and on 18/08/2008, she have delivered a cute little josh! both mother and the baby is safe and sound.. 🙂

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