signal to rest?

Due to busy schedule, lots of contests and drives, chase for businesses and recruitments, night working functions, lack of rest and proper sleep, i fell sick.

So, when my sister got to know that i am not well, she told me: “I heard from some one saying that if you have fever and or not well, that means, there are something in your life, ( might be anything) is not smooth and your body is not happy about it.”  

I just laugh it off. but now, come to think of it, partial of what she said might be true. I think, my body have sent me some signal, telling me, i need to have a proper and good rest, so that i can move further and faster.

so, i will really sit down and think, or ask for help, on what should i do about my restless night…. zzzzz~~~ 😛


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  1. ringingear
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 14:13:46

    San, didn’t know that you have insomnia. I think yoga would help because my gf used to have this problem then when she was practicing yoga it helps to improve her sleep as well as shoulder stiffness problem. Another thing is that probably there’s something wrong with your body and I think you should see some sinsei or Chinese traditional doctor. I know 1 doc who is quite good so do let me know I can bring you there. I think you have to take care of your health especially at this age, if not when you grow older more issues will pop up. Most important of all is to have a balanced life style. Work work work will not do any good for you 🙂 (your boss might think otherwise). Oh ya, and go check your fengshui too 🙂 hehe. who knows your bed might be facing wrong direction. Its not superstitious thing, I always believe that such thing exist although it can be scientifically proven 🙂 take care ya.

  2. novice101
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 23:25:23

    All our bodies need rest. You might have over-stretched yourself these couple of months. Have a good rest and, ringingear makes sense – might not be a bad idea to consult a doctor or a sinseh.

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