congratulations to malacca & penang of malaysia!

Got to know that Malacca and Penang have been recognized as WORLD Heritage treasure.

NICE! with this, i really hope that we have the experts and specialists to assist and guide us, on how to preserve, maintain and structurized our tourism industry.

am pretty impressed when i went to Jiu Zai Gou in china a couple of years ago. they way they preserved and maintained the environment are way too good to complaint. Hopefully, they can also guide us on how to maintain the cleanliness at the tourist spots, how to reduce pollutions in tourist spots, transportation and all.

hmm. this is in fact a great news to all of us. however, the coverage was over shadowed by those nonsense politics stories in the paper. “faint”.

anyway, congratulations once again! Malacca and Penang! Yeah Yeah!

ps: if you like these pictures, you can buy it from


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