what should I do if I lost my parking ticket

found that quite a lot of people dont know what to do when they lost their parking ticket. ( coz lots of people search in the seach engine)

so, this is what you should do.

  1. you put down all the stuffs in hand, search in every compartments in your purse, wallet and hand bag.
  2. search in all your pockets.

still cannot be found? then:

  1. see if there are any guards/security guys around the parking lots. if yes, they will address u to the guard house. pay the fine. ( in my country, they normally will charge you at about RM50 to RM100) which is expensive, then, they wll make a copy of your driving license, you fill up a form and that’s it. or
  2. if you cant see anyone near the parking lot, then, proceed to the customer services counter or concierge counter. then, the processes are the same. pay fine, make copy of your driving license and fill up a form.

actually the processes are pretty easy. so, no worries. just ask for help. am sure anyone will be happy to help.  🙂


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