do not ALWAYS self pity

the biggest personal problem that always human have is self pitty.

i mean i can understand, the sad andyes. scary feeling when people are down, sad, angry and all, they will always think they are very 可怜 (pitty).

The whole world is deceiving on them, nothing went on well at all. there is no sign of light in the tunnel, how come it’s always them which is so bad luck? how come god cant treat them better? how come this and how come that??

oh please!!!! please look around. look at those people which have no food. no money to beat the sickness. no complete limbs. cant see and cant talk. what is ur problem compared to theirs?

so, please stand up, look for ways to solve ur problem. u can feel weak for a while, but PLEASE, dont drown and frown. DO NOT be self pitty.

Be strong!


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