ridiculous raise!!!! :S

yesterday malaysia gomen have announced a news that affected the whole rakyat (citizen of) malaysia.

the price of petrol have raised again from 1.92/ltr to 2.70/ltr. it’s 40% raise.

the announcement have caused massive jam in klang valley. ( not sure about other places) thousands & thousands of cars are queueing to get for the last time cheaper petrol. this is a shocking news for rakyat, as all of us are expecting the raise only in august ( as promised by gomen before)

hmm. am wondering, with our so canggih ( sophisticated) public transport system in malayisa (so poor, so unsystematic, so little coverage) how actually our beloved gomen expect rakyat to travel? if rakyat are not able to fully utilized public transport, how rakyat is gonna save their living expenses?

with the raise of the petrol, the impacts are huge. more expenses, raise of cost of living (groceries will be more costly), raise of inflation…. etc.

how gomen expect rakyat to survive? what our gomen is doing? do we need to change the gomen again?

some one please tell me!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. cylee1133
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 21:45:10

    There is only one person ought to be blamed….

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