Life is like FLowers..


Sometimes blossom, sometimes decline. Life is just like flowers.

Always, there are up & down in life. Looking at people around us, are they at the blossom period? or the other side? I recon, it’s about half half among them all…

Some of my close ones have gone through the “down period” for the last few months. when i said  down time was due to work, safety, insecurity & instability & continuously of small hitches. However, I am glad that things come to an end for them, at least at this moment . At this moment, things seems to fall in to places bit by bit. When i know about this, it’s really a relief for me.

In this new era, generation by generation must know that they MUST always re-bounce fast, even when we are down there in the valley. Afraid not love, coz, things will be better for sure, it’s just the matter of time.

So, my dear friends who are still at the decline period, please be fully motivated. Do not cry & frown for too long. Wipe your tears & put a bright smile on your face, it’s just another day  to move on.

Together, Let’s do our best to move on to our BLOSSOM ERA~~~  Colourful & pretty!


ps: my little darwing…


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