simple simple life…

Simple life, isnt that what we want?
Hmm.. however, it’s not as easy as we thought it would be to have a simple life.
Reason being?  Human, in nature, is a complicated creature. Human alsways complicate the matter, in anyway that they can think of…
We complicates our love life.
We complicates our working relationsip, and we complicate everything.

so, how do we HAVE a simple life?
1. minus all the ” what if” in your questions. when things happen, take it as it come.
2. do not have an ” extremely well planned” plan . when you plan, you only plan for the worst. but if the chances & the % of becoming that bad is as little as the % of flying into the clouds without wings, then forget about it!
3. when things are not happening as you planned or wishes, then, just review & move on!
let all the sorrows & demoralizations go, & GO FAST! there is no point of dwelling on things that happened.

And lastly, do not sweat on the little tiny & useless thing.

if all of the above are done, you will have much simplier life… 😛 believe me..
Happy SIMPLE LIFE~~~~~


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