i’ve lost the parking ticket

Today when I am leaving the building, I am not able to find my parking ticket. oh my.
i’ve searched up and down of the building. i’ve searched in and out of my car, yet, I still can’t find it.
sigh. at the end, I gotta pay fine at 50 bucks, just to get out from the building.
you know what is the actual amount that I need to pay if I have the ticket?
it’s just 1 ringgit.
arrrghh…. what a waste… 😦



还记得在我初中二时,我的中文补习老师,林XX 老师要我们写篇短文, 好让他能帮我们投稿到报馆去。老师的出题是:整容。 

这 篇文章,后来也被刊登了。其实你若问我,作文内写了些什么,说老实,我也不太记得。只记得, 当时我就给自己的文章取名为:自然就是美。哈哈。




所以,我想说,自不自然并非那么重要。最主要是,这些修饰,是不是会 让人过得更好。你说呢

Life is like FLowers..


Sometimes blossom, sometimes decline. Life is just like flowers.

Always, there are up & down in life. Looking at people around us, are they at the blossom period? or the other side? I recon, it’s about half half among them all…

Some of my close ones have gone through the “down period” for the last few months. when i said  down time was due to work, safety, insecurity & instability & continuously of small hitches. However, I am glad that things come to an end for them, at least at this moment . At this moment, things seems to fall in to places bit by bit. When i know about this, it’s really a relief for me.

In this new era, generation by generation must know that they MUST always re-bounce fast, even when we are down there in the valley. Afraid not love, coz, things will be better for sure, it’s just the matter of time.

So, my dear friends who are still at the decline period, please be fully motivated. Do not cry & frown for too long. Wipe your tears & put a bright smile on your face, it’s just another day  to move on.

Together, Let’s do our best to move on to our BLOSSOM ERA~~~  Colourful & pretty!


ps: my little darwing…

my first yellow flowers.

This is the first drawing that i drew using the ArtRange software.

it doesnt look very nice.. but that is the best i can draw at this moment.. 😛

this is my first yellow flowers…

hopefully i can share more & more better drawings with you all, k.


你是不是个没有危机感的人?当你看到一群混混在吵架或打架是,你会是离得远远?还是站在那儿看热闹?当你看到突然很多直升机在你上空飞行时,你会不当一回事? 还是?    

我想, 很多人都没有危机感, 包括我在内。想想,当年的大海啸事件, 会不会就因为很多人没有危机感,而白白的站在那儿送上宝贵的性命?

若我当年在当场, 我想,我会因为好奇,而站在那儿,想看看这奇观。 我应该怎样也不会想到,那远远的浪花, 会转眼之间, 就变成可怕的大浪?


话说,一只青蛙被放进一个冷水盆里,水盆底下点燃了火。青蛙并没发现水温 的转变,高兴的在冷水里游来游去。渐渐的,水温提升,青蛙的体温也提升,青蛙还是会开心的游来游去。 等到水温热得它不能忍受时,它已经没有力气跳出来了。




have we blocked the way?

Am thinking.
when people do something wrong. we will be so angry at them.

very naturally, when we are angry, we will ignore or just pretend that they doesnt exist, right?
if one day, they realize that they r @ fault, they will find no way to come near.. and by being cold, & not concern, have we blocked their way back?

then, how? i dunno! sigh..


The correct timing?

I have been having this thought.
I want to be in touch with my primary & secondary schoolmates.
To achieve what i want, my first effort:  I joined a group in facebook call ”

I’d even wrote something on the walls. It says:
Hey all, My full name Susan Tan San San. my kindergarden is Hua Ming, at Pokok Mangga. My primary school is SRJKC Cheng & secondary school is in Notre Dame Convent. I am trying to look for my primary & secondary schoolmates. if you are one of them, please contact me?
Terima Kasih~~~

After that, i searched randomly in the facebook engine..
Tried, fail. try again. fail again. lastly i manage to get in touch with ONE primary school friend.
He is one year senior than me. but then, that’s a start, right? 🙂

Anyway, i have gone through his blog @ http://ringingear.wordpress.com/  & found out that he is trying to contact primary schoolmates too.
so, the timing is correct! maybe i cant ride on his effort, to find many many more primary schoolmates!! yeah ~~ Yeah~~

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